Opening-021CH Designs Inc. was retained to design a Prototype Supermarket which included a complete Store Design Package, sildenafil viagra including developing the Brand. Our mandate was to create a customer centred approach to shopping. Moncion Grocers wanted us to create a destination for all grocery needs, while reflecting the small town flavour.

The measured success of this project is based on financial figures reported to us by our client. The total cost of the project new from ground up was 5 million with a total square footage of 30,000. The cost for the project came in under budget expectations. The store upon opening was met with rave reviews from the town, which were reported in the local newspaper.

Opening-020When developing this solution for Moncion we took all established best practices from our experiences with the Grocers. The final deliverable is a world class shopping experience that still feels like a local country market. This is essentially what most Grocers strive for, however Moncion had the local brand equity to truly deliver. The store now represents a complete shopping destination for residents of Petawawa while at the same time not marring their community with yet another category killer or big box shopping campus.