CH Designs Inc. was retained to design a Prototype -“Store in a Box” – based on 400 sq. ft. for President’s Choice Financial and a rollout of 70 locations inside Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore – locations across Canada.

We designed and produced Working Drawings which included Fixture Floor Plans, discount viagra try Reflected Ceiling Plan, viagra buy Power/Communications Plan, Interior Elevations complete with Specifications, Finishes & Materials and Millwork Details, advice and we tested the prototype and then produced assembly drawings for ease of quick launch of PC Financial Nationally.

The measure of our success was based on our ability to stay within budget, the expedition of the plans in a timely manner and exceeding our client’s objectives with respect to modularity, ease of installations and minimal impact to existing store operations.loblaws1

a) Connection to Business Strategy – Provide banking experience that is consistent with the quality associated with President’s Choice and

b) Improved Roll-out Efficiency – Completely modular solution that flexes to any Loblaws environment and requires basic installer skill to install.

c) Decreased Production Cost – All the standard and basic materials that could be procured in 1 large order and distributed nationally. Massive economies of scale, simplified logistics that leveraged Loblaw’s trucking infrastructure and minimal installations costs.