freda1CH Designs Inc. was retained for our design and business strategy expertise to design a prototype for a 3, best viagra cialis sale 600 sq. ft. mid – high end clothing boutique. Freda’s told us that they owned the building and wanted to increase their store area – which admittedly was an after thought – since their main business was manufacturing uniforms and a private label clothing line. The business wanted to grow their women’s clothing line and retail capacity. Freda’s design criteria was to increase their sales space by over three times what they currently had and to “raise the bar” at how to showcase their products – a space that would stand the test of time – not too trendy, recipe with clean lines and integrate a multi-functional use to the sales space.

We delivered on the décor and designed a very classical symmetrical space. The change rooms were designed to converge toward the back wall, they also connected with side doors to the back warehouse – giving a focal wall and a centre stage. We designed the custom millwork fixtures on casters so they are easily moved to allow for a model catwalk, enabling Freda’s to host seasonal extravaganzas – show casing their latest clothing lines. We project managed, monitored the construction / installation for our client to ensure the quality and budget was upheld. The store opened with models showing their fall / winter line televised by City TV where we were featured as the business strategist and design specialists. They have showcased many events: one event was for our design association where we were featured an accredited for contributing to their business success. This renovation has stood the test of time and has served our client well and the financial payback was within the first couple of years.